Articles by DrWhoZee

  1. debianized rezzme

    the latest rezzme now contains the necessary code to build debian/ubuntu dpkgs — making it as easy to install rezzme packages on the latest debian/ubuntu systems as it already is for windows and mac OSX machines as the dpkg format allows me to explicitly specify the prerequisites (such as …

  2. using F19/F20 to switch tabs in thunderbird 3

    i just switched over from thunderbird 2 to the new sparkly thunderbird 3 — and i like it very much. particularly the tabbed user interface is quite nice but also lightning 1.0 seems to cope much better with those lotus notes generated calender invites :-)

    what did bother me was that …

  3. fixing ugly {emacs, firefox} fonts on (x)ubuntu karmic

    i recently switched all my systems from running kubuntu hardy heron 08.04.02 to xubuntu karmic koala 09.101 — a rather pleasant switch over. the only thing that was bothering me was the really crappy fonts in firefox and emacs. in firefox, no matter what i configured in …

  4. japanese language support for OpenSim

    a colleague of mine in japan contacted us asking whether our in-world collaboration tools could be extended to support japanese characters — he had tried our internal, public sametime 3d servers and had noticed that while in-world chat and instant messaging worked just fine, our flipcharts, brain storming boards, calendar, and …

  5. vidcasts on htc hero

    for almost 10 days i’ve been the proud owner of a new mobile phone, the htc hero, an android and, thus, linux based mobile phone! over the past year or so i had become increasingly fed up with my apple ipod touch — yes, i had jail-broken it, yes, i …

  6. full spatial voice for opensim

    this morning i finally could push our VivoxVoiceModule into opensim trunk. we had been using it internally for almost three month as part of the Sametime3D project but only now got the necessary legal “paperwork” done so that we could finally release it into the wild!

    VivoxVoiceModule works with the …

  7. 21

    after our intoxicating stress test ten days ago we repeated the stress test today with a group of volunteers — thus, real SL clients instead of bots.

    the result: 21. :-(

    somewhere around the 21 avatar mark we are got stuck and the (single) region standalone system started becoming very laggy: avatars …

  8. avatar machine

    for stress testing i needed to create 100 avatar accounts quickly. instead of going via opensim’s console i started ipython and entered the following python script:

    import xmlrpclib
    os = xmlrpclib.Server('')
    for i in range(100):
        os.admin_create_user(dict(password = 'SECRET', 
                                  user_firstname …
  9. 81

    it was a dark and stormy night. lightning was ripping the heavens apart, thunder was rolling through the valley. no living soul dared venture outside…1

    …and i wasn’t. i sat in front of my screen, mesmerized by the numbers coming up: 20…27…34…38…40…43…48 …

  10. OpenSim: sending inventory client side...and have the avatar take notice!

    recently i was in need of being able to send inventory items (well, a whole folder full of stuff) to the inventory of a logged-in avatar.

    just copying the the inventory items to the avatar inventory (for example, using Scene.GiveInventoryItem() or Scene.GiveInventoryFolder()) will not cause your avatar to …

  11. using the regioninfo REST call

    a couple of weeks ago i added the regioninfo REST call to OpenSim. here is a little python script that shows you how to use it:

    # -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
    import sys
    import urllib2
    import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
    def RegionInfo(url):
        if not url.endswith('/'):
            url …
  12. threading opensim through mono needles

    our Sametime3D test server is running a number of regions, some of them are rather on the monster side of things with gazillion scripts (ah, those brainstorming boards). until recently our opensim startup scripts would just grap a copy of mono and let it loose on OpenSim.exe and things …