full spatial voice for opensim

this morning i finally could push our VivoxVoiceModule into opensim trunk. we had been using it internally for almost three month as part of the Sametime3D project but only now got the necessary legal “paperwork” done so that we could finally release it into the wild!

VivoxVoiceModule works with the same voice technology which Linden Labs are using for their SecondLife virtual world — and, what’s even nicer, it plays along rather well with recent SecondLife clients (anything from 1.22.9 onwards), meaning you get full spatial sound, speaker indication, direct avatar-to-avatar voice chats, the works, without having to configure anything  client side.  you can even — in contrast to Linden Labs SecondLife grid — switch from spatial voice to conference call style voice channels, or change the range of voice, how quickly it fades, and so forth (all explained in OpenSim.ini.example). voice quality is superb — except for those occasions where we muck around with the grid itself (and thus cannot use in-world voice), we use it instead of conference calls and have been using it for a couple of months now.

VivoxVoiceModule does require a vivox voice server to talk to — which means that you need to obtain a customer admin account (IIRC) from vivox. as i don’t work for vivox (alan webb and i just wrote the module, nothing else), i can’t provide any further information on how to go about obtaining such an account nor can i tell you how it will cost. there are rumours on the opensim-dev mailing list that adam frisby has a bunch of licenses from vivox for OSgrid, again, i know no details.