happy 2nd birthday OpenSim!

guess what? today is OpenSim’s second birthday! that’s right it’s just two years old and already a pretty strong little (?) bugger. to quote the official OpenSim 2nd birthday page:

The consensus is that OpenSim was ‘born’ on Jan 29 2007, when Darren Guard (MW) made his prototypical c# 3D world server publicly available.

Happy 2nd Birthday OpenSim!

i became involved with OpenSim almost about a year ago: sean dague asked me whether i could help with trying to figure out why OpenSim on PowerPC was not quite working1, which i eventually did2 — and got hooked…

…since then i’ve been working on voice support, splitting the chat module, adding a couple of REST interface for regions, and have been heavily involved in IBM’s Sametime3D effort which extends IBM’s Sametime instant messaging product with the capability to extend a chat session into a 3D meeting space:

considering that it’s just two years since

…MW came on [#libsl] and said ‘I have a prototype for an c# SL server, but before I publish it I need somebody to log onto it to see if it supports multiple clients’… [OpenSim turns 2]

it is utterly amazing how far OpenSim has come already!

here’s to a brilliant future! to virtual world domination! ;-) happy birthday OpenSim!

  1. he suspected byte ordering problems in libOMV and i had been working with libOMV for my vugate project and thus had some familiarity with it (libOMV was called libSL back then). 

  2. it turned out that there where endian issue in both libOMV and OpenSim.