using python's xmlrpclib with OpenSim

this morning ansi and i were wondering how we could do XmlRpc calls to OpenSim. well, this is what we found out:

to have a reasonable XmlRpc experience™ you should enable the remote admin interface, to do so just add the following lines to your OpenSim.ini file:

        enabled = true
        access_password = secret

next open up your-editor-of-choice™1 and use the following piece of python code2

import xmlrpclib

# XML-RPC URL (http_listener_port)
gridServerURL = ''

# instantiate server object
gridServer = xmlrpclib.Server(gridServerURL)

# invoke admin_alert: requires password and message
gridServer.admin_broadcast({'password': 'secret', 
                         'message': 'the answer is 42'})

run and you should see on OpenSim’s region console:

[RADMIN] [01-23 04:17:10] Broadcasting: the answer is 42

and, of course, an alert popup in your SL viewer:

message from god

  1. yep, found the “™” key combination for my keyboard ;-) 

  2. i’m using a standalone OpenSim installation.