January 19, 2012
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the other day i was coding a scala apply(array: Array[String}) method to instantiate an object from a CSV file. i ended up with something like this:

there were about a 100 parameters to use. i wasn’t really too excited about having to change the rewired(0) to use the proper index by hand. so, here’s what i did:

  • in emacs mark the region
  • then invoke shell-command-on-region and
  • use perl -pi -e 's{rewired(0)}{sprintf("rewired(%d)", $. - 1)}e;' as command to invoke

emacs will then show you the result of the command in a temporary buffer, you can either copy and paste from there, or just repeat the shell-command-on-region and prefix it with ctrl-u — emacs with then replace the region with the output of the command directly.


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  1. I find keyboard macros nice for things like this (spaces add for readability).

    “M-0 C-x r n a” put the number zero in register a

    “C-x (” begin keyboard macro

    “C-s rewired(0) C-b C-b C-d” search for rewired(0), go back to spaces and erase the 0

    “C-x r i a” insert the value of the a register

    “C-x r + a” increment the value of the a register

    “C-x )” end keyboard macro

    “M-10 C-x e” execute that macro ten times

    comment by James — January 22, 2012 @ 14:35

  2. cool! learned something again! :-) apologies for late reply, just realized blog related email was going to that forgotten account. d’oh.

    comment by dirk husemann — February 21, 2012 @ 19:39

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